Changelog for Sylkserver

This page lists the changes for the latest released version of Sylkserver.

Version 4.1.0

January 20th, 2017

  • Mention implemented standards for WebRTC video conferencing
  • Improve logging of WebRTC gateway and video conference applications
  • Added per video room access control and recording options
  • Fix settings the recording folder for video conference recordings
  • Fixed chatroom capabilities
  • Changed codec order
  • Changed sample rate to favor opus
  • Adjusted sample config with latest default values
  • webrtcgw: improved logging of incoming connections
  • webrtcgw: initial implementation of push notifications framework
  • webrtcgw: fix sample configuration file
  • webrtcgw: reorganized package
  • webrtcgw: fix for AutoBahn API change
  • webrtcgw: simplify ICE state flags
  • webrtcgw: uncomment log lines
  • webrtcgw: set content_available to True for FCM notifications
  • Capture validation errors when building requests
  • The new_token field is not required for the account-devicetoken request
  • Added extra logging to help debug device token handling
  • Increased debian compatibility level to 9
  • Increased debian standards version
  • Updated debian package maintainer
  • Added debian dependency on lsb-base
  • Adjusted debian package's descriptions
  • Updated boring file