Sylk Server allows creation and delivery of rich multimedia applications accessed by SIP Clients, XMPP endpoints and WebRTC applications.

NEW Sylk Client, focused on multiparty conferencing, is the companion client for Sylk Server.


Experience state-of-the-art conferencing by installing Sylk Client on:

Also compatible with the latest Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave web browsers at

Sylk Client is packaged for Ubuntu and Debian Linux preconfigured for use with SIP2SIP free service. Sylk Server and Sylk Client are GPL licensed open-source software available as source code. With them you can build your own real time communications infrastructure on the operating system of your choice and under your own Internet domain.


The server supports SIP and XMPP signaling, RTP, MSRP and WebRTC media planes, has built in capabilities for creating multiparty conferences with wideband Audio, IM/ File Transfers and can be easily extended with other custom applications by using Python language.

SIP Signaling

  • TLS, TCP and UDP
  • DNS and Bonjour

Voice Over IP

  • Wideband (Opus, G722)
  • Narrowband (G711)
  • Encryption (SDES and ZRTP)
  • NAT Traversal (ICE)

IM & Presence

  • Chat Sessions (MSRP)
  • Encryption (TLS)
  • Is-Composing Indication
  • Delivery confirmation

SIP conferencing

  • Participants list
  • VoIP and IM
  • File Transfers
  • Screen-sharing


  • SIP to XMPP
  • SIP to WebRTC
  • SIP to IRC

Web conferencing

  • WebRTC audio/video
  • File-sharing
  • Screen-sharing
  • Chat