Changelog for Sylkserver

This page lists the changes for the latest released version of Sylkserver as .deb package.

To install a version that has no corespondent .deb package, you can use the source code from Github.

Version 6.0.0

October 12th, 2021

  • Migrated to Python3
  • Added log dir server settings
  • Fixed loading mime types in a sandboxed environment
  • Added trace_notification server setting
  • Set relative ./var path if started from local directory
  • Log SIP session failure_reson
  • Log spool directory at start
  • Log available codecs at start
  • [webrtcgateway] Added database maintenance script (init db/remove data)
  • [webrtcgateway] Added push requests for messages
  • [webrtcgateway] Added config option to make conference room persitent (don't remove uploaded files)
  • [webrtcgateway] Added config option to send a push notify when first participant joins
  • [webrtcgateway] Added config option to disable video in a conference room
  • [webrtcgateway] Added offline storage for text messaging
  • [webrtcgateway] Added real time message syncronization between end-points
  • [webrtcgateway] Added authorization token generator for external SIP devices
  • [webrtcgateway] Added sync conversations journal for external SIP devices
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed webserver and screensharing resource for conferences
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed sending conference info notifications
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed handling screen sharing in conference
  • [webrtcgateway] Added message storage functions/API to websocket connection
  • [webrtcgateway] Refactored token storage
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed Janus trace logging
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed saving shared screens in conference
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed dispatching messages in conference app
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed conference subscription for sessions from sylkserver
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed conference chat destination
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed websocket for communicating with janus
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed websocket to webrtc client
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed encoding deviceid in base64
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed method encoding for file uploads in webrtc webserver
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed resource register for webrtc application webserver
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed webserver root and path encoding
  • [webrtcgateway] Update WebRTC diagram
  • [webrtcgateway] Fixed settings conference room file transfer directory
  • [xmppgateway] Fixed encoding SDP attributes in xmpp gateway