Changelog for Sylkserver

This page lists the changes for the latest released version of Sylkserver as .deb package.

To install a version that has no corespondent .deb package, you can use the source code from Github.

Version 5.7.0

October 14th, 2020

  • Added (external) IMAP authentication for webrtcgateway
    The authentication type can be configured per domain in auth.ini
  • Added apache-cassandra as storage backend
  • Added session_id based on callid to conference invite
  • Added supoort for audio only conferences
  • Added support for 'ping' in sylkrtc protocol
  • Added support for early media
  • Added user agent to token storage
  • Changed Firebase push notifications to Sylk push server
  • Exposed call-id in API for SIP calls
  • Fixed destroying videoroom when client is disconnected
  • Fixed push media types
  • Fixed rejecting SIP methods in webrtc app
  • Improved logging of push notifications
  • Improved webrtc video room logging
  • Mention how to enable debug mode
  • Read device token from push response on 410 code
  • Replaced call-id by random uuid in push notification and conference invite
  • Replaced session id on incoming call to uuid from callid
  • Store push tokens and parameters in pickle file
  • Use push notification token for VoIP