Changelog for Sylkserver

This page lists the changes for the latest released version of Sylkserver as .deb package.

To install a version that has no corespondent .deb package, you can use the source code from Github.

Version 6.3.0

December 22nd, 2023

  • Updated documentation
  • Increase minimum version of SDK required
  • [conference] Handle non base64 images in conference room
  • [webrtcgateway] Use twisted reactor for Cassandra connection
  • [webrtcgateway] Catch race condition/exception when sending a message on a disconnected socket
  • [webrtcgateway] Added file transfers to push notification for unread messages
  • [webrtcgateway] Reject incoming sessions if they contain no transfer streams
  • [webrtcgateway] Added support for ringing and proceeding events
  • [webrtcgateway] Added direction to sync remove message content
  • [webrtcgateway] Added direction to sync remove messages